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Sectors 1

An Integrated animation studio with multi-sector experience.

Studio iQ has worked with many exciting sectors and companies. Animations and graphics designs are now used by almost every industry. We love to work on different and challenging projects that’s why we always keep developing our knowledge and upgrade to new technology.  

Sectors 2


Our expertise and experience within the business to business sectors include E-commerce, Digital Marketing, SEO, Web Design, Augmented Reality, Explainer Videos, 3D animations and Brochure designs. Working with extremely knowledgeable decision makers of their field is what inspires us more.

Sectors 3


Animations are now being used in education sector widely. We create E-learning programs, Animated Rhymes for children, training videos, medical education and tutorials. sometimes content(Brochures, Prospectus designs, event photogtraphy) we create is used for marketing campaigns of primary schools, colleges and universities.  

Sectors 4

Engineering & Manufacturing

We have worked with wide range of companies from this sector. We create Process/explainer animations, How it works animations, Safety animated videos for workers, installation videos for product managers and awesome product lauch videos. 

Sectors 5

Consumer Goods

We create beautiful 3D animations for marketing or advertising of newly launched consumer goods such as mobile phones, home appliances, Furniture, Clothing and jewelry, camera and sports equipment. The range of products in this sector is infinite.

Sectors 6


infrastructure sector is the most complex work to do. We create Realistic Interiors or exteriors, Architectural walk-through, High Cost projects such as Road Development, City Planning, Communication, Electric supply planning etc.